How to Vacuum a Pool Manually

Home Tips : How to Vacuum Your Pool Manually

Having a private pool at home is a dream of every family because the pool can be a place of recreation and exercise. In modern times, having a private pool at home is a symbol of establishment and also raised the sale value of the house. The swimming pool can be included in the category of luxury goods, but behind the luxury, there are essential things that must be considered for the owner. The swimming pool should be cleaned of organic dirt like leaf litter coming from the plants in the garden around the lake.

How to Vacuum a Pool

The dirt should be immediately cleaned so as not to rot in the pool. When it comes to decay, it will undoubtedly have an odor effect on water. It also can trigger the growth of bacteria in the pool. To clean up the leaf litter, we can use a leaf swimming. Having a swimming pool, of course, we must have a cleaning tool.

A pool vacuum is one of the parts that should not be missed during the cleaning or care of the pool. We know that vacuum is an essential tool in maintaining the cleanliness of the swimming pool. By doing the swimming, pool vacuum can help in lifting the dirt that settles at the bottom of the lake.

We can quickly clean the floor of the pool from all the dirt by using the vacuum pool. You should know there are two types of pool vacuum cleaners that you can choose, manual or automatic ones. In this article, we will learn about vacuum a pool that I read from the above ground pool reviews. So, In doing a pool vacuum, the first thing to do is prepare the equipment.

Swimming pools vacuum cleaners

Equipment that must be prepared includes a vacuum hose, telescopic pole, and a vacuum head. For the material, the size is adjusted to the size of the pool. Let’s start to know the steps :

  1. Before doing the vacuum process make sure you have cleaned the dirt on the surface of the swimming pool water that looks like foliage, plastic, twigs, etc.
  2. Start by preparing the telescopic pole. A telescopic pole is a tool made of metal that is made especially for the handle of Vacuum head, pool brush, and leaf skimmer. The telescopic handle is what allows us to clean the whole section of the pool.
  3. Next, attach the vacuum head to one end of the telescopic pole.
  4. This mounting function is to move the vacuum head around the bottom of the pool.
  5. Then, Make sure one end of the vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum head. The vacuum head is a central component inadequately maintaining a pool.
  6. Lower the vacuum head that has been mounted with a telescopic pole into the lake, along with the hose and the other end of the tube should be outside the pool.
  7. Next, in the pool will find a filter Skimmer (where water enters into the pool) and at the other end of the hose plug it into the water intake nozzle. Water will flow through the hose. You will see air bubbles rising from the vacuum head. Bubbles will not come out if the tube has been full of water. Next, at this point, suction will be made, and the head will be flat and tight on the floor of the pool.
  8. Next step is to change the filter nozzle to the intake mode (Sucking Water In) and use the telescopic pole to guide the vacuum head along the floor. Finally, dirt sucked in, Perform vacuum slowly and sequentially so that the earth does not rise to the surface of the pool water and do not forget to disconnect the hose from the filter after you are done.

Finally, the process of cleaning using a pool vacuum is already done, but you must remember to do the vacuum routinely to avoid the occurrence of precipitation and accumulation of various kinds of dirt, stains, algae, metal, etc. Implementation of the swimming pool vacuum should be done regularly to keep the pool condition clean. For best results, it should be done twice a week.

Chemical feeding, checking pH levels and filter cleaning should not be missed. If all the steps in the treatment are done, then the condition of the pool is always good and ready to use. Do not forget to do other pool treatments especially the pool water balance. As additional information we can conclude the steps to clean the swimming pool are : We must know and stabilize levels of PH and Chlorine in swimming pool water, Vacuum pool a week twice, Cleaning of circulation filter (backwash) is done after we finish doing Vacuum.

So, I think it’s easy to make sure your pool always clean.

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