Best Blender for Smoothies

The Simple Tips To Find Best Blender for Smoothies

Don’t assume that all blenders that are available in market is able to give you the best smoothie for your daily intake. You need a decent blender not just regular blender, because without a decent blender you may experiences a chunky vegetables fiber and more bitter taste on your smoothie if you are including high fiber vegetables.

So how we define a decent blender? Everyone may have their own criteria that make a blender counted as good blender. At least for beginning you need to have blender that able to crush any ingredients into the smallest particles and of course a versatile one.

There are numerous blenders brands and types out there, and not all of them have the same features and specs. However when choosing a blender there must be some points to be checked, You have to check the brands at the beginning to remove some options. You should start considering blenders with popular brands like Kitchen Aids, Blendtec, Vitamix, Ninja, Oster and etc. You can google what are popular brands out there.

The second steps is to check which brand that offer blender that suitable with your budget, let say if you only have $150 to be spent to buy new blender than Ninja blenders and Oster blenders probably the best option. But if you have higher budget more than $400 then you can start looking premium brand like Blendtec and Vitamix.

After you have some candidates to be chosen you can start digging some information regarding the specs and the reviews. I would recommend you to ask sales representation if any or start googling to find some references out there.

To help you here are some part of best blender for smoothies that you should check before you make final decision.

Check the machine

Blender machine is the most important part in blender, it can reflect how the performance will be. You need to find blender that has a powerful machine that will able to rotate the blades at very high speed to enable it crush all the ingredients even for frozen ingredients in case you want to put ice cubes on your smoothie. The merrier the power the higher speed the blades can turn.

The easiest way to check the machine is by check if it heavy or not? that is the first indication that strong motor is inside the blender. And then check also the wattage output that blender can offer. If it higher than 500 watt than it is good to go. For additional information premium blenders such as Vitamix and Blendtec even offer 1000 watt output.

Look at blender base

This is second thing that you should check about. The base of blender can be indicated the durability of the blender itself. Imagine if the base is all made by thin plastic, how it can durable to support the machine and user usage day by day. Usually if it has good motor that is heavy then the base should be made by high quality material like stainless steel or high quality plastics.

The quality of blender jars?

Always make sure the blender has BPA free jars, otherwise you will just serve smoothie contains toxin for your family. Check also how many type of jars that they provide? Sometimes to blend some foods like humus we don’t need big size of jar, instead the small one. It will be nice if they have at least 2 types of jars.

The usability or blender control

Although almost all blenders has standard operating system, it is good to make sure that you can easily operate the blender. Some blenders like Blendtec has a unique controls that are using touch screen for their blender controls. Some people likes that feature so much but for some people they need some times to get the feeling.

Hopefully after you checked all those points above you are able to define which blender that suitable with your budget and needs. Something to remember is blender is one of versatile kitchen tools that can be said it is “must have” tools in the kitchen. That is why having blenders that offer long warranty is also good thing. So if you get pricey blender but it offers you 8 years warranty you can consider this as long investment.