How to Vacuum a Pool Manually

Home Tips : How to Vacuum Your Pool Manually

Having a private pool at home is a dream of every family because the pool can be a place of recreation and exercise. In modern times, having a private pool at home is a symbol of establishment and also raised the sale value of the house. The swimming pool can be included in the category of luxury goods, but behind the luxury, there are essential things that must be considered for the owner. The swimming pool should be cleaned of organic dirt like leaf litter coming from the plants in the garden around the lake.

How to Vacuum a Pool

The dirt should be immediately cleaned so as not to rot in the pool. When it comes to decay, it will undoubtedly have an odor effect on water. It also can trigger the growth of bacteria in the pool. To clean up the leaf litter, we can use a leaf swimming. Having a swimming pool, of course, we must have a cleaning tool.

A pool vacuum is one of the parts that should not be missed during the cleaning or care of the pool. We know that vacuum is an essential tool in maintaining the cleanliness of the swimming pool. By doing the swimming, pool vacuum can help in lifting the dirt that settles at the bottom of the lake.

We can quickly clean the floor of the pool from all the dirt by using the vacuum pool. You should know there are two types of pool vacuum cleaners that you can choose, manual or automatic ones. In this article, we will learn about vacuum a pool that I read from the above ground pool reviews. So, In doing a pool vacuum, the first thing to do is prepare the equipment.

Swimming pools vacuum cleaners

Equipment that must be prepared includes a vacuum hose, telescopic pole, and a vacuum head. For the material, the size is adjusted to the size of the pool. Let’s start to know the steps :

  1. Before doing the vacuum process make sure you have cleaned the dirt on the surface of the swimming pool water that looks like foliage, plastic, twigs, etc.
  2. Start by preparing the telescopic pole. A telescopic pole is a tool made of metal that is made especially for the handle of Vacuum head, pool brush, and leaf skimmer. The telescopic handle is what allows us to clean the whole section of the pool.
  3. Next, attach the vacuum head to one end of the telescopic pole.
  4. This mounting function is to move the vacuum head around the bottom of the pool.
  5. Then, Make sure one end of the vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum head. The vacuum head is a central component inadequately maintaining a pool.
  6. Lower the vacuum head that has been mounted with a telescopic pole into the lake, along with the hose and the other end of the tube should be outside the pool.
  7. Next, in the pool will find a filter Skimmer (where water enters into the pool) and at the other end of the hose plug it into the water intake nozzle. Water will flow through the hose. You will see air bubbles rising from the vacuum head. Bubbles will not come out if the tube has been full of water. Next, at this point, suction will be made, and the head will be flat and tight on the floor of the pool.
  8. Next step is to change the filter nozzle to the intake mode (Sucking Water In) and use the telescopic pole to guide the vacuum head along the floor. Finally, dirt sucked in, Perform vacuum slowly and sequentially so that the earth does not rise to the surface of the pool water and do not forget to disconnect the hose from the filter after you are done.

Finally, the process of cleaning using a pool vacuum is already done, but you must remember to do the vacuum routinely to avoid the occurrence of precipitation and accumulation of various kinds of dirt, stains, algae, metal, etc. Implementation of the swimming pool vacuum should be done regularly to keep the pool condition clean. For best results, it should be done twice a week.

Chemical feeding, checking pH levels and filter cleaning should not be missed. If all the steps in the treatment are done, then the condition of the pool is always good and ready to use. Do not forget to do other pool treatments especially the pool water balance. As additional information we can conclude the steps to clean the swimming pool are : We must know and stabilize levels of PH and Chlorine in swimming pool water, Vacuum pool a week twice, Cleaning of circulation filter (backwash) is done after we finish doing Vacuum.

So, I think it’s easy to make sure your pool always clean.

How to Help Someone Who Struggles With Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is often called anorexia – an eating disorder characterized by abnormal weight, severe fears for weight gain and distorted body weight perception. People with anorexia place a high value in controlling their weight and body shape, using extreme efforts that tend to interfere with activity in their lives significantly.

To prevent weight gain or to continue to lose weight, people with anorexia usually severely limit the amount of food they eat.

However, people with anorexia generally struggle with abnormal weight, whereas individuals with bulimia are usually normal above normal weight. No matter how weight gain is achieved, people with anorexia have a strong fear of gaining weight.

Anorexia is not really about food. This is an unhealthy way to deal with emotional problems. If you have anorexia, you often equate thinness with self-esteem.

Anorexia can be very difficult to overcome. But with care, you can get a better sense of who you are, go back to healthier eating habits and reverse some serious anorexia complications.

About 30 million people have eating disorders. Of course, with that statistic, you never imagined it could happen to your best friend. 1 in 4 cases of anorexia ends in death, and you do not want your best friend to be 1 of 4 doing it. Here are some ways to help your friends.

  1. Try to open-minded with them.

Before you conclude that your friend has eating disorders, make sure you see signs. While not eating is another sign, if they do not eat lunch one day at the office, it’s probably not a big deal. They can get sick or not hungry. However, if they do not eat lunch for a month in the office, there is a problem. Go to them, and ask if anything is wrong. Do not cause eating disorders. If they tell you something or intimidate it, ask “Hey, do you think you might have an eating disorder?”

  1. Do not force them to eat

People with anorexia can not cope with their illness with just one meal. If someone has not eaten for a while, chances are they can not eat once at a time. They know their body is best. That being said, do not let them go by not eating one thing at mealtime. Even one bite was an improvement, which brings us to the next tip.

  1. Whatever they eat, for them it is full

Although one wine for lunch is not healthy for anyone, if they go a few days without eating, then wine is a big step. By eating something, no matter what it is, they are willing to make changes in their abnormality and control it.

  1. Do not compare their bodies with others

For someone with anorexia, the mention of weight or body, they or otherwise, can be a trigger. For me, when someone will mention something about weight, I will start shaking. While it is a rare and extreme reaction, it usually affects people with eating disorders. Do not say, “God, I’m so fat.” Because someone with an eating disorder can analyze more, and think that it’s fatter than you, and if you’re too fat, that means they do too. Stay away from the topic of weight in general.

  1. If all else fails, try searching for help

If you do all this, and your friends do not seem to get better, remember that asking them to go to the clinic or see a therapist is a good idea. You are not a therapist, which means you should not help your own friends. While your friends will appreciate your help, the best thing you can do for them is to find a professional to help them.

Although experiencing anorexia is difficult, having a friend who owns it is difficult as well. Remember, eating disorders are also a serious mental disorder. They will not be “fixed” soon, and that’s okay. If you do not help, it’s not your fault.

People with eating disorders have what I call curved vision, and are difficult to control. As I said, you may not be a licensed therapist, and it’s not your responsibility to change them. While it may or may not be helpful, your friends know that you have your back is a great feeling for them. Just tell them that you are there for them no matter what, and that will make them feel better than you think.

Coconut Water vs Coconut Milk

How to Choice The Right Coconut Water vs Coconut Milk

It can be the job from the lactose intolerance lobby. It can be an upswing of veganism. Or possibly it is the (somewhat) recent resurgence of tiki. Largest, coconuts are getting a heyday, using the fruit getting used in every form: water, milk, sugar-even vinegar, and flour.

But let us say you are a new comer to the coconut scene. Let us say you do not know things to drink after your exercise routine-coconut water or coconut cream? Where will a person visit get Coconut 101?

COCONUTS AREN’T Creatures, Just How Produce COCONUT MILK?

Rapid method: shred a freshly opened up coconut’s meat, simmer in water to extract the coconut’s flavor, and strain the pieces. Allow the liquid separate right into a fat-wealthy cream layer along with a thin “skim” layer.

I see recipes with coconut milk, others for coconut water and a few for coconut cream. Sometime I see “coconut cream”. What’s The Main Difference?

coconut milk, water, and cream

Coconut Water: Balance-touted coconut water originates from mature, eco-friendly coconuts. It’s full of potassium, which makes it a well-known option for athletes. Apart from just hydration, coconut water can be used as sorbets and bandages (see chef Harold Dieterle of Petrilla and Kin Shop’s raw broccoli salad with coconut water).

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk is definitely an emulsion of two fluids: coconut cream and coconut water. At cooler temperatures, coconut milk separates into its components, and also the cream increases to the peak (to help keep the milk emulsified, use it at 70 degrees). This is actually the workhorse Thai component-pour some right into a simmering curry as you are finishing the dish.

Coconut Cream: Coconut cream offers the body to coconut milk it is also offered by itself. It’s thicker and greater in fat compared to water, which makes it a wealthy accessory for sauces. It is also utilized as a cooking fat (Ann Redding, founding father of Uncle Boon’s, uses it to fry spices.) Coconut cream shouldn’t be wrongly identified as the cream of coconut, that is coconut cream with added sugar. (Cream of coconut’s wealthy flavor is usually very best in desserts or tropical drinks it isn’t well suited for curry dishes.)

Once I opened up a can coconut milk and located this thick yogurt -searching stuff rather. WAS that Coconut cream?

Yes! You are able to scoop it and reserve it (refrigerate the can overnight to create this simpler-all of the cream will popularity), or else you allow the may come to room temp and stir the cream and water together to obtain coconut milk.

Is coconut milk better for me personally?

Maybe. Most mass-market coconut milk have 10 gr of saturated fats and just 2 grams of protein, whereas zero-fat skim milk contains 8 grams of protein per serving. However, that excess fat in coconut milk may not always be not a good idea. Frances Largeman-Roth, nutritionist, and author of Eating colored, states body fat content in coconut milk can really be healthy for you. Because while coconut milk does contain saturated fats, this specific fat consists of medium chain triglycerides that raise cholesterol, only High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (quite simply, the great kind). “Coconut has saturated fats, so nutritionists for any lengthy time use it the ‘no’ list,” states Largeman-Roth. “It’s full of fat, but it isn’t doing the equivalent damage as animal fats.”

Before I Had Been In The Supermarket, I saw coconut milk inside a can coconut milk inside a carton that I drink?

It does not matter a lot, but most likely the carton. Cartoned coconut milk is really a relatively recent supermarket addition from brands noted for dairy alternatives. These can contain more water, additional sweeteners, and a few stabilizers like guar gum. Canned coconut milk is intended to cook and to bake, as it is thicker and fewer modified compared to carton variety.

Vacationing In Iceland

Five Things You Should Understand Before Vacationing In Iceland

In the day I laid my eyes around the magical picture of nowhere Lagoon, I instantly fell deeply in love with it – hence my never-ending need to go to the Iceland started.

Before planning my visit to Iceland Used to do lots of research about how exactly for the greatest airfares, what’s the optimum time to go to Iceland, which places are reasonable for stay and just what activities you ought to do etc. But regardless of how much research Used to do, everything did not matter a great deal in regards to what was waiting ahead for me personally.

I understood that visiting a location where practically there’s a winter month for 9 to 10 several weeks is going to be quite difficult for to me – however, the summer time months are there in Iceland, just how bad will it be, right? Well, I had been Wrong. Very Wrong.

Iceland continues to be rising continuously when it comes to recognition among the vacationers, and therefore there’s no excuse in knowing some fundamental reasons for Iceland that may help you for making the most from your vacation. Listed here are five things If only I understood before I traveled to Iceland. So below are great tips for you personally, so it’s not necessary to learn them hard way.

Travelling In Summer time? Still, Pack Your Warm Clothes

If you’re going to Iceland in Summer time season and you believe an easy spring jacket or perhaps a sweater is ample. Then you’re greatly mistaken. A summer time day in Iceland is the same as an effective winter day in lots of other nations. On top of that, the temperature in Iceland can alter rapidly from warm to fairly hot to cold in only a matter of minutes. So then now you ask, just what you need to pack? Let us see. Several sweaters, an easy winter jacket, a fur coat, a set of mitts and 2-three scarves plus a hat.

Iceland Isn’t For Individuals Who’re Budget Travelers

Iceland is an extremely costly country, and it is truly and not the right place to go for vacationers who wish to be under budget. Anticipate getting shocked rich in prices in supermarkets, bars, coffee houses, restaurants and then any other store you intend to purchase from. The best way forward I’m able to share with price-conscious vacationers is you can invest in stuff that you believe are essential. I would suggest you to definitely invest in encounters; this is not of things it’s okay if you do not restore gifts for everybody home.

If still, you believe searching for gifts is essential you’ll be able to shop in Finland because it has some fantastic budget stores. As well as that, food products are pretty costly here. It’s so costly that you ought to psychologically believe that there’s not food in Iceland. So the thought of packing some food supplies along with you isn’t a bad one, initially, it might seem absurd, but after you have arrived in Iceland, you won’t regret this decision.

Know When Its Dark And Lightweight

Whether it was for that summer time season, I most likely did not have to let you know all of this, but considering that darkness hangs in the Arctic during wintertime, you should know the sunset and also the sunrise occasions. So the thing is you’ll have little sunlight, so you have to plan accordingly. Things I recommend is you mind east and south of Reykjavik around the Ring road, visit a particular point after which change. There’s no method for you to begin to see the whole road. But in your return, you can observe things that you could not see due to the storm or dark.

Hostels Are Ideal For Accommodation

Like I already said Iceland is definitely a costly country, so getting Lodging here’s also costly. However, I learned that hostels in Iceland provide versatile and reasonable accommodation. Therefore it is an excellent choice for individuals who’re with limited funds. Hostels in Iceland are readily available for vacationers of age ranges. Many hostels offer the ability of breakfast during sex and have private kitchens if you like to prepare meals.

Wi-Fi Is Free Of Charge In Iceland

Iceland is really a wired country, so there’s free Wi-Fi everywhere. Even though you visit a roadside service station on the remote stretch of highway throughout Iceland, it may also put you in contact.

Visiting Iceland for spending some time with family or yourself, is most likely the very best holiday plan you could ever make. Holidays to Iceland would be the most enjoyable experience with your existence.


Expats in Bali

Good Place to Live as an Expats in Bali

Why Bali is a Good Place to Live as an Expat –  Ask an expat or extended-term resident of Indonesia the quantity the region has altered in the last 10 years, and you’ll get yourself a hundred different solutions.

Most explain in what traffic there’s now. Others will advise you on what pricey the situation is, and the way a Bintang familiar with cost 50 cents. Most of them will talk about the “good old’ days.”

Then a few of the better expats will discuss the way the internet and infrastructure have improved drastically previously ten years.

Or the number of many various facilities for from sports to leisure can be found around the island. Or even the vast choice of food and restaurants available these days from practically every country all over the world.

All the examples above are right, although a lot of expats will decide to answer that question while keeping focused exclusively on the positives or even the negatives.

After lately spending several weeks from Indonesia on a trip, upon my return, We had to reflect on the area of Indonesia and expat existence within another light. I’ve always actually loved residing in Indonesia, but having the ability to compare it so straight to a lot of new places uncovered a couple of from the island’s shortcomings.

Individuals shortcomings were simple to recognize while away, however when I came back, I appreciated immediately why a lot of expats call Indonesia home.

The reply is: Yes, Indonesia continues to be an excellent place to become an expat

Some expats with 10 years in Indonesia might disagree strongly with this statement, and can start speaking concerning the good ole’ days again. I realize that fully – Indonesia isn’t the same location it was once about ten years ago.

That’s a great factor. For an average Joe, Indonesia is a much simpler and much more popular home today of a computer was about ten years ago.

The area of Indonesia here is a lot more prepared to accommodate for any new family who would like to try existence abroad. Ten years ago, just the most adventurous families would seriously see it as their new house with kids with you.

Western amenities can be found in most supermarkets. The web is quick enough and stable enough to help keep you in contact with buddies and family home, or around the globe.

Existence in many regions of Indonesia feels nothing beats residing in a developing country. In lots of people’s opinion, Indonesia offers the perfect balance of modernism.

All of the conveniences of a giant city, with no hassles of a giant city. Modern living, right through the beach. A couple of other areas in Southeast Asia offer this degree of completeness, yet still be near to the sea.

Some points to consider about expat existence in Indonesia

Before making a move or perhaps deciding to contribute to making a move, there are many things you’ll be thinking about. Many are positives, many are negatives, and a few are merely by what works well for you.

Ubud? South? North Indonesia? Where can you live?

For any small island, Indonesia sure has a lot of variety to give the ambitious expat. The choice of where you can live is most likely probably the most important decisions you’ll make, then one you’ll be thinking about carefully.

Make sure take anybody else’s recommendations too seriously – many Indonesia expats are extremely enthusiastic about the region they’ve selected, as well as for their reasons.

For instance, Ubud could be a great home, and lots of Ubud residents say they’d never live lower south. They love the positive energy of Ubud, the artistic vibe and also the closeness to grain fields and nature.

Things in Ubud tend to be more relaxed with great cafes and yoga studios on every corner. When the slower paced, artistic style sounds right in your sweet zone, then Ubud will make a fantastic choice for you.

South Indonesia however, is a much bigger area and includes Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Denpasar, Sanur, Jimbaran and Uluwatu. Visitors are much heavier, situations are more densely populated, and existence is a lot busier.

For anyone who loves Ubud, this isn’t a welcome difference, but you will find just like many (or even more) individuals who love the raw energy and fast pace of existence within the South. The shore isn’t a long way away enjoy it is within Ubud, and there’s always a celebration around if you are searching for just one.

If partying isn’t your factor, cafes, restaurants, yoga studios and gyms can also be found all around the south to help keep you entertained.

If neither of individuals scenarios seems best for you, then North Indonesia or perhaps East Indonesia may well be a better fit. You will find far fewer expats in individuals areas, and situations are a lot more traditional Balinese. Many retirees find these areas to become a great home and wouldn’t consider existence either in Ubud or even the South.

How’s the internet?

Indonesia includes a pretty bad status around Southeast Asia when it comes to internet speeds, as well as-is little as a few in the past, I’d have agreed. Nowadays though, it’s different, and Indonesia is much more than able to handle your requirements for the internet.

Many online entrepreneurs who earn a living on the web and rely on the good internet are living full-time in Indonesia. Some foreign start-ups have moved their whole operation to Indonesia and discover the web situation to become greater than appropriate.

The best choice for internet is always to look for a home more than only a couple of several weeks, and use a stable solution.

Most house and apartment proprietors may have not a problem along with you installing your web connection, and lots of are going to be happy to have it there for once you leave. They might even nick set for cellular phone cost in some instances.

If you are considering getting a great deal, or come in Indonesia just for a small amount of time to try out the waters, you’ll be okay. Many cafes and restaurants now completely understand the requirement for good internet, and also have installed good connections in their establishments.

There are a couple of companies in Indonesia now offering fiber optic connections, which could rival the speeds in your house country. The general rule is the fact that cafes around the first road may have the very best connections. Check out a couple of, and soon you’ll have an accumulation of a couple of high spots to obtain online effortlessly.

Traffic and getting around

Visitors at its finest ever in Indonesia, no navigating around it. That’s how’s it going affected when we, both remote and Indonesian start moving within record figures.

Indonesia makes some tries to reduce the traffic while using the Dewa Ruci underpass on Sunset Road along with the stunning toll road that allows you to drive within the sea certainly. Still, they directly help reduce the traffic in a couple of areas, as well as Bali’s roads, get congested.

Riding a bike could be a harrowing experience initially, but many people rapidly get used to it, and it is undoubtedly the easiest method to experience Indonesia. The automated motorbikes couldn’t be simpler to ride and therefore are fast and nimble.

A bike costs only $50 per month, or you might purchase your own for $1,500 then sell it for near to that afterward.

Should you aren’t prepared to brave the roads by yourself, you will find Blue Bird taxis all around the island, and you may call and also have one at the door in five-ten minutes.

Or you might rent a vehicle and driver for less than $500 per month, who can get you wherever you have to go, whenever you have to visit.

While not everybody will feel at ease driving themselves, making your way around in Indonesia certainly need not be a problem.

The lifestyle in Bali

The main one factor that’s been biggest in my experience since returning is simply the number of options you’ve when it comes to a way of life in Indonesia. You can live any lifestyle you need to reside in Indonesia. There’s surfing, yoga, fitness and all kinds of organized sports. The different options are a couple of several weeks in Indonesia caring for your book if you are an author or album if you are a music performer. You can fall off the map for any couple of days and use a meditation retreat. You can get into the great party scene in Indonesia and also have a wild night every evening each week. Many people will decide on some mixture of most of the examples above.

best bullet blenders

Best Bullet Blenders That Suitable For a High Mobility Person

Over the years the needs of healthy drinks and foods has been emerged in the people. But with the high activities and mobilization it is hard to provide them an easy solution. Making smoothie or healthy food for your family might exhaust you. That is why we need an easier and practical ways with the answer is by using bullet blenders as the best solutions.

The concept of bullet blenders has taken the world by storm, with its practicality and multi-functional applications. They differ from traditional blenders as the primary function of the bullet blender is to optimally extract nutrition from the ingredients which are added. These blenders ensure the absence of chunks of food while making smoothies and drinks, by thoroughly grinding the pieces with easier and practical ways.

Other than fixing up drinks, they can also be used to cut vegetables, fruits and crush coffee beans and a variety of nuts. Additionally, the blenders can be used to create different flavors of sauces. Owing to its many purposes, purchasing a bullet blender may be a cost-effective and useful addition to your kitchenware collection.

Furthermore, as opposed to the traditional type, bullet blenders are less costly and is great as a start-up for just blending and smoothie requirements. It is also easy when it comes to cleaning, as the blade assembly can be quickly removed. This makes it less difficult to clean the jug.

There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration before deciding whether the blender is a right investment or not. These include:

  • Keep in mind that the longer the guarantee period, the stronger it is. You can go with an option of 1 year as minimum, and 3 years as the most desired.
  • The strength of the motor is important as that would lead to smoother drinks. High wattage is an indication of increased power.
  • Depending on what you are going to be using it for the most, make sure the capacity is enough.

Much like anything else, there are varying brands and specifics of bullet blenders that can be considered as good options. Be it in terms of the cost, uses or model, there are choices to be made from out there in the market. But how to find out which one suits the individual the best?

Here are some of the top available makes and their features:

Breville Blend-Active

This is the optimal choice if you frequently consume protein shakes. It is also most useful for a small family consisting of four members.

Lidl SilverCrest Nutrition Mixer

This particular blender possesses a strong motor that gives way to clean and effective mixture. It can be used to create smoothies, margaritas and hummus.

Davina Personal Blender

davina personal blender
Thanks to the structure of the beaker, it is user-friendly and is accompanied by sports lids and beakers. It is most useful for quick smoothie and drink creations, especially if you are on a time constraint.

Nutri Ninja Bullet

nutri ninja bullet
With a simplistic design and blades made of stainless steel, it is more than ideal for blending smoothies. This is due to the fact that the blender converts the solid ingredients into a drink that is creamy with the absence of chunks. There are different items that come along with it like cups, a cookbook and lids. You can also purchase a separate blade for the blender for crushing ice which has to be mixed with cocktails.

Nutribullet Rx Blender

This Nutribullet version is the highest version that Nutribullet ever made so far, it is very versatile with the 2.3 Horsepower on the machine makes Nutribullet as the best competitor of Nutri Ninja Bullet.

Vitamix S30

vitamix s30
It is most well-known for its feature of being able to pulverize ingredients and is a smaller version of the regular Vitamix. This is superlative if you are a regular consumer of juices and are looking for a way to increase the amount of carotene intake. This is because the blender is well-equipped to deal with mixing carrots.

Best Blender for Smoothies

The Simple Tips To Find Best Blender for Smoothies

Don’t assume that all blenders that are available in market is able to give you the best smoothie for your daily intake. You need a decent blender not just regular blender, because without a decent blender you may experiences a chunky vegetables fiber and more bitter taste on your smoothie if you are including high fiber vegetables.

So how we define a decent blender? Everyone may have their own criteria that make a blender counted as good blender. At least for beginning you need to have blender that able to crush any ingredients into the smallest particles and of course a versatile one.

There are numerous blenders brands and types out there, and not all of them have the same features and specs. However when choosing a blender there must be some points to be checked, You have to check the brands at the beginning to remove some options. You should start considering blenders with popular brands like Kitchen Aids, Blendtec, Vitamix, Ninja, Oster and etc. You can google what are popular brands out there.

The second steps is to check which brand that offer blender that suitable with your budget, let say if you only have $150 to be spent to buy new blender than Ninja blenders and Oster blenders probably the best option. But if you have higher budget more than $400 then you can start looking premium brand like Blendtec and Vitamix.

After you have some candidates to be chosen you can start digging some information regarding the specs and the reviews. I would recommend you to ask sales representation if any or start googling to find some references out there.

To help you here are some part of best blender for smoothies that you should check before you make final decision.

Check the machine

Blender machine is the most important part in blender, it can reflect how the performance will be. You need to find blender that has a powerful machine that will able to rotate the blades at very high speed to enable it crush all the ingredients even for frozen ingredients in case you want to put ice cubes on your smoothie. The merrier the power the higher speed the blades can turn.

The easiest way to check the machine is by check if it heavy or not? that is the first indication that strong motor is inside the blender. And then check also the wattage output that blender can offer. If it higher than 500 watt than it is good to go. For additional information premium blenders such as Vitamix and Blendtec even offer 1000 watt output.

Look at blender base

This is second thing that you should check about. The base of blender can be indicated the durability of the blender itself. Imagine if the base is all made by thin plastic, how it can durable to support the machine and user usage day by day. Usually if it has good motor that is heavy then the base should be made by high quality material like stainless steel or high quality plastics.

The quality of blender jars?

Always make sure the blender has BPA free jars, otherwise you will just serve smoothie contains toxin for your family. Check also how many type of jars that they provide? Sometimes to blend some foods like humus we don’t need big size of jar, instead the small one. It will be nice if they have at least 2 types of jars.

The usability or blender control

Although almost all blenders has standard operating system, it is good to make sure that you can easily operate the blender. Some blenders like Blendtec has a unique controls that are using touch screen for their blender controls. Some people likes that feature so much but for some people they need some times to get the feeling.

Hopefully after you checked all those points above you are able to define which blender that suitable with your budget and needs. Something to remember is blender is one of versatile kitchen tools that can be said it is “must have” tools in the kitchen. That is why having blenders that offer long warranty is also good thing. So if you get pricey blender but it offers you 8 years warranty you can consider this as long investment.